Above the Norm Wine Tasting Series

Thoughts on Back to the Basics

Thank you to everyone who came to the Back to the Basics Wine tasting! 

I know at the first tasting, it can be a little overwhelming because of all the new wine vocabulary you just learned and trying to decide what the aroma of a wine is for the first time. However, after the first two wines, it seemed that everyone was starting to become more comfortable with speaking up and talking about the wines, which is excellent. As I mentioned in my previous post, wine is not intimidating at all, and if you put your mind to it, you can easily pick up wine vocabulary and other wine knowledge!

After the tasting, we took a vote on which wine people liked the most. The chardonnay won the most votes, which isn’t surprising to me since chardonnay is currently very popular. Also, I talked to some of my friends about what they thought about the wines. To my surprise some of them said they loved the red wines that had high levels of tannins. I could not believe this considering most people, myself included, dislike and look for wines that don’t have that quality. This just proved to me once again that how a wine smells, how it tastes, and deciding whether a wine is good or not, completely depends on the person. Did anyone else also like the taste of the tannins? Was there anything about any of the wines that you particularly did or did not like?

I hope that after attending this tasting you are more comfortable going out to buy wine in a store or at a restaurant. I strongly encourage all of you to keep trying different wines, you can even have your own wine tastings with friends or family! I put the handouts that were given out at the tasting under the Wine Education page so you have everything you might need to start having your own tastings! Also, the power point that was at the tasting will be up soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Finally, there is an upcoming tasting on March 24 at 8pm so I hope all of you sign up because we will be exploring different wines from Spain!

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