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Welcome to the Above the Norm Wine Tasting Series blog!

This is the first of what I hope to be many posts on this site! I’m currently a senior at Bucknell and I volunteered to help with the wine series program and I love every second of it! I first started to get into wine over the summer of 2010. I picked up every book I could find, searched the web, conducted wine tastings with my family, and now studying wine has become the thing I love most.

It is true that when I first started, I thought learning the world of wine would be an impossible task. I remember sitting in┬árestaurants, looking at the wine list wondering how on earth I was supposed to pick a good bottle of wine. I finally decided that I would no longer be that person who is scared of a restaurant’s wine list. Therefore, I took it one step at a time, learning bit by bit about wine. I realize now that I had no reason to be afraid to study wine. I have tons more to learn but I am excited to read, study, and taste!

Tomorrow is the first tasting of the semester at Bucknell, and it is the Back to the Basics Tasting. Everyone who attends learns the basic wine vocabulary, how to read a label, and the basics in how to taste wine. I hope that all of you who have signed up for this tasting become inspired just like I did and realize that wine is not something you have to be afraid of!

After coming to this tasting, I know that all of you will feel way more comfortable around wine (if you aren’t already) and won’t be afraid to a look a waiter in the eye and confidently order a bottle off the wine list.

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